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We work directly with Boards and very closely with the Board Chair to ensure we are accomplishing the goals of the condominium.  Providing solid advice and direction for all the difficult circumstances which confront a condominium.  Our trained and experienced building managers have years of experience and a team of professional colleagues to draw upon to ensure success is achieved.
We deal with multiple properties that have encountered the same issues you face, break in’s and vandals, water leaks, projects of all sizes, upset residents, troublesome rental suites, budgets, vandalism, reserve funds and more water leaks…  We know how to deal with these issues and provide solutions that work.

Many Boards believe their Property Management contractor should be able to deal with and solve all of their problems but this is absolutely not the case.  The fact is the property manager are there to oversee your finances and be the official voice of the condominium.  They are not capable of dealing with the everyday requirements and issues that arise at the condominium.  Unfortunately property managers are not ON SITE like our team at Matrix.
We are there! Professional, trained, uniformed staff selling access fobs, replying to emails, renting parking stalls / lockers, reviewing security video, organizing projects, meeting contractors, cleaning  the building top to bottom inside and out, checking doors, routinely inspecting the property, changing the light bulbs, posting notices, patch and painting wall damage, overseeing moves, cleaning carpet stains, monitoring visitor parking, whatever is needed to keeping the building running smoothly.  We are there!

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